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The Link Between Violence and Female Incarceration

The prevalence of physical abuse may be the most open secret behind the growing incarceration of women. But innovative programs -- often led by women who were themselves behind bars -- provide a supportive pathway to what advocate Susan Burton calls A New Way of Life.

The Secret Sisterhood

As someone who relies on the encouragement and wise critiques of my fellow women writers, I found this book a delightful illumination of the friendships of some of my favorite authors.

Selected Letters of Langston Hughes

Spain in Our Hearts

At a time when the jackboots of fascism seem to be echoing louder, the stories of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade -- young Americans who went to Spain to fight fascism in the 1930s - provide inspiration, optimism and tails of grit.

A Prayer for Peace, A History of War

San Francisco's Own Rosa Parks

Wherever There's a Fight: How Runaway Slaves, Suffragists, Immigrants, Strikers, and Poets Shaped Civil Liberties in California

Wherever There's a Fight captures the sweeping story of how freedom and equality have grown in California, from the gold rush right up to the precarious post-9/11 era. The book tells the stories of the brave individuals who have stood up for their rights in the face of social hostility, physical violence, economic hardship, and political stonewalling.

"A lesson in American history riding the 14 Mission bus"

Published in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday edition, July 9, 2006, this insightful article about what you can see on an ordinary bus ride generated a dozen letters-to-the-editor from people who starting thinking differently about their fellow passengers, and themselves.

"Soup, salad, suffrage: How women won their right to vote in California"

Published in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday edition on March 4, 2007, this article draws on unique historical archives--letters, diaries, and even a menu from a working woman’s café--to put the fight for women’s suffrage in a new light.

Development Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines

Development Debacle “merits more serious attention. Its depth of documentation is unparalleled in studies of the World Bank. Thanks to active helpers inside the Bank, the authors got most of the internal country and project reports on the Philippines from... the Bank... Finest effort to date.”

--Multinational Monitor